ISCS: Comprehensive Tools for Insurance Processing

CIO VendorAndy Scurto, President
“The insurance industry has made great progress toward modernizing legacy systems in the last several years, but it is just starting to realize the advantages of undergoing a full digital transformation,” begins Andy Scurto, President of ISCS. As the industry has undertaken the challenge of offering faster, better, more customized service to the underwriters, the demand for technology to facilitate the essential processes has also amplified. “Technology has long been recognized as an enabler, and it definitely fills that role when planned for strategically and implemented well,” reckons Scurto. Adhering to this, the San Francisco, CA based ISCS provides software and services to the insurance sector through their unique product—SurePower Innovation—a modern enterprise suite designed to provide real-time collaborative means for underwriters and agents to do business efficiently.

With the combination of right technologies and field-proven processes, the firm’s SurePower Innovation lowers response times and builds deep-rooted relationships with agents. Adding credence, SurePower Innovation enables an underwriter presented with a policy application, change, or renewal, everything about the customer that is in the system: claims data, billing data, notes, documentation sent and received, and other coverages held. This increases the communication between the agents and underwriters by boosting process efficiencies and providing a more robust reporting environment.

ISCS’s highly-scalable and configurable SurePower Innovation's business rules-based workflows instantly sort new applications, renewals, and endorsements into those that can be handled automatically and those that work with the presence of an underwriter. This rules-based validation eliminates redundant or even contradictory rules and workflows, increases transparency within underwriting and also ensures that underwriters are complying with company’s underwriting policy to capture potential added value. In addition, the powerful rules capability enables underwriters to make changes as regulations of the company changes.

Our development process incorporates not only client requests, but also industry trends and consumer-driven priorities

As the business of insurance world is moving towards increased mobility and anytime-anywhere access, underwriters are presently in need of eSignature capabilities for faster submission of new policies and improved customer satisfaction. “Committed to providing the best functionality as quickly as possible, ISCS spends a significant amount of resources on researching, testing, and vetting all enhancements to the SurePower Innovation platform,” cites Scurto. The latest version of SurePower Innovation is a cloud-based, enterprise suite for insurers that includes new functionalities to enable verifiable and tamper-proof digital signature; providing an easy way for system users to check on the status of any prior signature request.

"Our development process incorporates not only client requests, but also industry trends and consumer-driven priorities,” notes Scurto. As a testimony of such expertise, the firm assisted Mississippi Windstorm Underwriting Association (MWUA)—established by the Mississippi Legislature to help provide an adequate market for windstorm and hail insurance for the coastal area of Mississippi. However, operating as a non-profit, MWUA felt their system provider lacked sufficient depth of insurance industry knowledge. “As we looked for a new solution, we wanted something that was web-based so we need not have to maintain hardware and software,” says Joe Shumaker, Manager of MWUA. With the deployment of ISCS SurePower Innovation modern enterprise suite, MWUA has witnessed a number of benefits including integrations and migration of data. It saved the agent’s time by using a self-service portal. The ability to integrate with the existing systems helped MWUA cut the cost of their mortgage notifications tremendously.

ISCS's deep insurance domain knowledge of emerging trends and technologies impacting the industry helps keep development efforts focused on mission-critical issues. “At ISCS, we are constantly working to stay ahead of the market in terms of technology needs and functionality, and that work ensures that we, and our customers, stay competitive today and into the future,” concludes Scurto.