Systems Consulting Services: Intelligently Streamline Underwriting Processes

Anne D. Ostrom, VP, Systems Consulting ServicesAnne D. Ostrom, VP
“We are proud to count many of our original clients as clients today,” asserts Anne D. Ostrom, VP, Systems Consulting Services, Inc. (SCSI). Secret sauce behind a loyal customer base is SCSI’s signature product jBIAS, a turnkey, automated data retrieval software system helping underwriters in the insurance, credit, leasing, commercial factoring and telecommunications industries to access and leverage the most updated information available so that they can make the critical decisions informing their quoting processes. “The most important feature of jBIAS is its ease of use, which is evident every step of the way. The software is easy to install, and access can be provided within as little as one day,” says Anne. Also, it is easy to maintain because SCSI oversees upgrades and maintenance, as well as costly vendor access issues. Clients save on in-house development and long-term maintenance as the data sources evolve. They also eliminate expensive surcharges for vendor-specific solutions.

SCSI’s jBIAS is premiere Java-based software that empowers underwriters to directly access all of the third-party reports needed for their underwriting processes. jBIAS uses an XML format for ease of integration and instantly access data that underwriters need to determine risks and provide optimal premium quotes. By aggregating all underwriting data within a single solution, the company’s back-end, plug-in software helps underwriters to quickly and cost-effectively automate the underwriting process, delivering the precise tools they need to better serve their clients. Making report data available in sub-second speeds and standardized formats, jBIAS dramatically streamlines the data retrieval process—and helps underwriters avoid duplicate orders of bureau information while seamlessly organizing data from all sources. “With us, underwriters can rapidly conduct searches even with partial information,” says Anne.

We are proud to count many of our original clients as clients today

Since jBIAS is installed locally on clients’ premises, and information is stored in their database, the software empowers underwriters to take complete control of their data, and provide security of their systems and critical information. “We never intercede between them and their third-party sources,” affirms Anne. As an extended arm, jBIAS’s data storage capability makes it invaluable for advanced analysis and strategic planning, whether it is for conducting business, actuarial or premium cost analysis.

The software can be tailored to suit both the organization’s operations and existing systems, enabling clients to avoid costly IT overhauls. In an engagement, SCSI’s underwriting client was unable to get comprehensive data access even though they paid approximately $1 million to develop and access one internal report with several internal resources that they were using to facilitate their underwriting processes. “When they approached us, we were able to design a customized jBIAS solution with a report that included 15 sources, and at a much lesser cost,” says Anne. Just within two days the solution was installed and the integration was seamless. Now, the client was able to use the information stored in the jBIAS database to perform retroactive regression analysis in their underwriting, using all of the information they had, no matter how nebulous it was, for a very comprehensive look at the data.

SCSI has garnered a huge clientele since the launch of jBIAS, which now stands at 11,000 users in more than 20 locations. “That is one of the best measures of success,” says Anne. But Anne is determined not to stop here, as it is just the beginning steps to the pinnacle of success. “Our biggest challenge still remains in keeping up with the new sources that become available and modifying our methods of access so we can tap new information as we discover it. That will remain our clearest path to growth,” concludes Anne.